- The HOE Building Fund Pledge

HOE new buildingThe new building will have a Chapel, Lecture Room, Seminar Rooms, library, Administrative and Staff Offices, Ministry offices, a mini Museum/Archive, Staff and Students’ Accommodations. There will be a Cafeteria and Youth Meeting Space on the ground floor.

Now we need to do our part. Let us join together to build tomorrow , TODAY and the future, NOW!   Your generous contribution to the project is greatly appreciated. The contributions can be made for specific facility in the building or pledge for a certain number of bricks as follows.

Bricks                                   RM1.00 per brick

Lecture Room                     RM50,000.00

Seminar Room                   RM30,000.00

Chapel                               RM100,000.00

Museum                           RM100,000.00

Library                               RM80.000.00

Hostel Room                    RM20,000.00

For contributions to  other facilities, please contact the Diocesan  Secretary, Rev. Jeffry Renos Nawie

Tel : 082-240187/240188  E-mail: kuchingdiocese@yahoo.com