Taee1aTaee1Evangelistic outreach had been made to the Bukar areas as early as 1860, when Chalmers visited Sa Lanchang, Tebekang and Koran. In 1864, Zehnder also visited Bukar areas and found some enthusiasm at Butan. In 1875, Shepherd moved to Bukar areas and was assisted by Si Kidiang, but the work ended with Shepherd’s death in 1881. Work in Bukar areas continued to be looked after from Kuap by Fowler, Nichols and Ah Luk.

In 1916, Thomas Buda decided to move from Merdang to Taee, where he opened a school. In his first year in Taee, Buda was visited 3 times by Elwell from Kuap. The mission work in Taee was slow and the Bishop, refused to visit Taee, until the people there showed a firmer commitment to the faith. The visit finally came in June 1921, when Danson witnessed the baptism of 22 adults and 4 children. The chapel was also dedicated to St. Columba. In 1926, Buda was ordained priest in Betong (together with Matius Senang). In 1933, the new church at Taee was dedicated to St. John, built with materials taken from Sebayor. Buda retired to Merdang in 1936 and died shortly after. He was replaced at Taee by Nais.


Taee continued to be looked after by Si Migaat from Taee, and Maycock from Kuching. In 1940, Si Migaat moved to Taee and was assisted by Oscar Sindon. During the War, Si Migaat visited Taee from Kuap, where he moved back in 1942. Sindon was looking after Taee. Si Migaat came back to Taee in 1948. By that time, a third of Taee was Christian and 2 years later the whole village. The school was also growing. At Baru there were nearly 200 believers. At Lanchang, where there were 70 catechumens, William Rade had constructed a chapel (St. Matthews) and school. Rade, an old boy of St. James’ School at Kuap, had earlier been a teacher at St. Augustine’s School at Mambong, after being sent there in 1949 by Howes.

In 1950, Peter Howes moved to Taee while Si Migaat moved back to Kuap. Howes was assisted by deacon Ewiim Jaboh. In 1952, the village of Plaman Lanchang also embraced the Christian faith. Howes moved back to Kuching in 1952, leaving Ewiim in charge of the parish. Panchor became Christian in 1953. Ewiim moved to Kuching in 1955, and was replaced by Clayton who stayed there until 1959. Clayton was replaced by Oscar Sindon.Taee3a