Chambers’ 15-month stay in Skrang in the early 1850s did not produce any result. It was not until 1883 that the people of Skrang requested for a teacher to be sent there. The Bishop visited Skrang in 1884 and agreed to start a mission. In 1886, Catechist Brok was sent to Mali, Skrang to lay the groundwork for a mission centre. Then in 1887, Skrang got a resident priest again, when Frederick Leggatt moved to Skrang. Leggatt started evangelising in surrounding villages and by 1888 he had baptised 57 candidate. A school was also started with 5 boarders. From Skrangm Leggatt also visited Betong district. Brok moved to Krian in 1890.

Skrang 1In 1898, Leggatt was transferred to Lundu and Skrang came under Jowell from Sabu. Adai, who was made a catechist in 1889, was later sent to serve in the Skrang. He looked after the mission centre. Rubber trees together with a thousand gutta trees were planted.  In 1919, Simon Lee, a medical dresser, was appointed a probationer catechist for Skrang and moved to Mali. In 1920, the buildings were repaired and by that time 200 gutta trees were being tapped. Simon Lee left Skrang in 1922, as most of the Christian had lapsed. Although there was just one family of Christians left in Skrang, the centre remained important because of the income it provided to Sabu mission.

Mali, Skrang was re-opened early 1989 when the surrounding longhouses (Tabutm Memaloi, Tembong, Kejemut, and Lipat) were evangelised again from Betong under Aeries Sumping. Over 200 were confirmed later that year at SRK Tabut. A chapel was built at the old site at Mali in 1991 and was later dedicated to St. Peter.