NGILING TIKAI GAWAI DAYAK 2012 AT ALL SAINT PARISHThe end of the Harvest festival or Gawai Dayak being celebrated by many Parishes all over the State and the All Saint Parish at Tabuan Dayak is no exception on this occasion to organize the event.

The Archbishop, the most Reverend Bishop Datuk Bolly Lapok was invited to grace the blessing of the new Vicarage and the Ngiling Tikai ceremony during the evening of 23rd June 2012. Accompanying him was his wife Datin Mary Jean Bolly. The group of Anglican visitors from Taranaki Church, New Zealand were also invited to join in the celebration during the night.

Among the programmes organized were the Ngajat (Iban dances), singing and blow pipe events which were participated by both the Parish members and the visitors alike. A sumptuous dinner with many different dishes were prepared for the celebrants and it ended in a very joyous mood.

The closing of the occasion showed the ArchBishop being invited to perform the Ngiling Tikai with the Priest-in-charge Rev. Nelson Sinken and the lay leaders of the Parish.