Prayer sessions

Prayer session on 25.5.2018 with Bishop Danald Jute

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Prayer session on 6.7.2018 with Canon Roannie Cannidy

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Prayer session on 3.8.2018 with Bishop Danald Jute

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Prayer session on 17.8.2018 with Canon Michael S. Woods

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Prayer session on 24.8.2018 with Canon Andie Shie

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Prayer session on 21.9.2018 with Rev. Michael Pei

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Prayer session on 19.10.2018 with Rev. Ivor Lim

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Prayer session on 2.11.2018 with Rev. Ivor Lim

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Prayer session on 9.11.2018 with Bishop Nelson Ugas & Bro. Bong ah Loi

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Prayer session on 16.11.2018 with Rev’d Ivor








Prayer session on 23.11.2018 with Rev’d Ivor


Prayer session on 4.1.2019








Prayer session for the churches and nation on 18.1.2019 with visitors from West Malaysia.

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Prayer session on 22.2.2019 with Rev’d Stephen Gendang on Earth breaking ceremony for the new House of Epiphany, Diocesan Prayer Conference 13-15 June and Mini Clergy School

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Prayer Session on 1.3.2019 with Sis. Chrisanne from 24-7 Prayer Malaysia, sharing on Habakkuk 3. – We need to be revived, when God brings revival, He will bring mercy. We prayed that we will not just be awakened (sleeping), but be truly REVIVED (death), come alive! The Church reflects the condition of the nation.- are we a holy church – is this a holy nation? The prayers of a righteous man avails much. The Church must come to repentance, and ask God for His mercy.

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Prayer session on 22.3.2019 with Rev’d Lawrence WahOnn

DSC02026 DSC02027 DSC02028Prayer session on 12.4.2019 with Rev’d Ivor








Prayer session on 3rd May 2019 with St. Basil Church led by Archdeacon Rev’d Jose Jol of LSA

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Prayer Session on 10th May 2019 with St. Helen’s Church, Serian, led by Rev’d Trevor Tinda

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Prayer session on 24th May 2019 with St. Francis’ Church,  Samarahan led by Canon Dennis Gimang

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