Ordination To The Priesthood And The Diaconate 6.1.2019



FW7A1076On Sunday 6th January 2019, the Diocese of Kuching (Sarawak & Brunei Darussalam) has ordained 9 Deacons to the priesthood and 6 laymen to diaconate at St. Thomas’s Cathedral, Kuching.

In preparation for their ordination, a retreat was held at the House of the Epiphany on 3-5th January 2019 led by the Retreat Conductor Rev’d Geogre Tay.








10 topics were covered focusing on being an authentic worshiper, representing God to the people and representing the people to God, leading a truly priestly life, expecting the worst to come and never seek any applause from humans as servants of the Servant, and to run well and finish well.

Bishop Danald message to the participants was reminding them about the true meaning of the title ‘Reverend’, to be mindful because, as humans, they are no different from the rest in church and yet their private lives would be always under the scrutiny of the world around them.

Priesthood  1.Deacon Stephen Chin  2. Deacon Josh Sim  3. Deacon Villy Velin  4. Deacon Augustine Saidi  5. Deacon Pilu Gumba  6. Deacon Ivor Lim  7. Deacon Sika Karong  8.	 Deacon Lawrence Wah Onn  9.	 Deacon Jeffery Renos

Priesthood:  1. Deacon Stephen Chin    2. Deacon Josh Sim   3. Deacon Villy Velin   4. Deacon Augustine Saidi   5. Deacon Pilu Gumba   6. Deacon Ivor Lim   7. Deacon Sika Karong   8. Deacon Lawrence Wah Onn   9. Deacon Jeffery Renos

Diaconate  1.Mr.Yeo Win Ton  2.Mr. Holden Anak Osin 3.Mr. Stephen Gendang 4.4. Mr. Kanyan Anak Randi 5.	Mr. Bong Ah Loi 6.	Mr. Ralpheal Rueben Bonnie

Diaconate: 1. Mr.Yeo Win Ton  2. Mr. Holden Anak Osin  3. Mr. Stephen Gendang  4. Mr. Kanyan Anak Randi  5. Mr. Bong Ah Loi      6. Mr. Ralpheal Rueben Bonnie
















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