- Diocesan Missions & Evangelism Forum 23-24.11.2018


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The Diocesan Missions and Evangelism Forum was held at St. Faith’s Church Auditorium on 23rd and 24th November 2018 with the theme ‘Pressing Forward’ (Philippians 3:13). Over 200 plus parishioners from 20 parishes throughout Sarawak and Brunei attended the forum.






On the 23rd November evening, the focus was on the keynotes delivered by Bishop of Kuching and Brunei Darusalem, Bishop Danald Jute. The session started with the opening prayer by Vicar of St. Faith’s Church, Rev’d Bradley Sangan followed by Praise and Worship led by Brother Franklin.

DSC01521Brother Philip Yong, the organising chairman welcomed the participants and thanked St. Faith Church in opening and hosting this event. The Forum objective was to revive the churches and to bring prayer life to others.






Bishop Danald Jute welcomed everyone to the forum and urged all to work together for the missionary work and be humble moving forward. He then delivered his 6 keynotes. Give thanks to God for the past 170 years. Every year a confirmation service was held in parishes for the new confirmed members. There is a need to press forward to guide them to know more of the Gospel and be closer to God. We are a growing church in infrastructure but that is not the fundamental. A healthy church is a missionary church in terms of worship to inspire all, glorifying God and edifying the people. In the past, the church is priest centred. Leadership is about God in our midst. We must be active in discipleship. Giving is a part of worship and thanks giving to God. Be an Outward Looking church, and have a strong sense of community in Love, Honour, Respect and a sense of belonging.  Keeping and living by God’s value in His grace. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). We are called by God to GO out to serve the Lord, taking mission as a privilege and joy and honour, preparing and participating from the heart with joy and peace to complete the mission and bring glory to God.  We looked back and pressed forward for the church revival and we need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

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The session closed with a surprised birthday celebration for Bishop Danald.

On the 2nd day, 24th November 2018, participant registration started at 8am. The session began at 8.15am with Praise and Worship followed by opening prayer by Bro. Stephen Gendang and  introduction by the organising chairman Brother Philip Yong. The four speakers were Rev’d Canon Dennis Gimang, Rev’d Trevor Tinda, Rev’d Ivor Lim and Sis. Josephine Gawing.

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Rev’d Canon Dennis Gimang spoke on ‘Putting God’s word into action’ , Deliverance from spiritual  warfare. His experience in building up the mission centre at Batu Kawa and a mission school, starting with 25 members only in 1996 and grew to 1,000 plus by 2006, eradicating old beliefs of witchcraft, stopping the drinking and gambling practice and moving on to train up youth leaders in universities and campuses.



DSC01542Rev’d Trevor from St. Helen’s Church Serian spoke on the growth of the church especially among the youth.  He attracted the youth back to church by starting the music ministry, providing them the music instruments and a projector. Providing refreshments after services brought back the parishioners. He conducted Bible studies in every occasion. The love of worship and praise by all ages transformed the church and the rest of the 6 chapels.


DSC01543Rev’d Ivor Lim entrusted by Bishop Danald in the prayer Ministry build up personal and corporate prayer life through APMM, Anglican Prayer Movement and Mobilisation. Be a disciple and be obedient when called. Pray according to God’s word. Holy Spirit brings conviction and repentance. Pray for more labourers to the harvest field and be ready to be sent out.




DSC01545Sister Josephine Gawing spoke on education, working with Preschool children in Tadika St. Faith.The Tadika St. Faith was the vision by Deaconess Eleanor Goh 30 years ago in 1988., moving forward for the next generation and to be a training centre for Preschool teaching.




DSC01547 DSC01551Rev’d Trevor said grace for the tea break.







After the break, the Panel discussion began with Bro. Philip as the moderator. The panel speakers were the four speakers together with the Diocesan Secretary Rev’d Stephen Gendang and Archdeacon of Lower South Archdeaconry Rev’d Jose Jol. The Q&A session followed after the panel speakers presentation.





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During the lunch break, the participants fellowship with one another.

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The afternoon session started with the group discussion followed by presentation from each group.

The objectives – to mobilize the change towards mission and evangelism.

The approach – To understand present situation using  SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) to strategize and plan for the future.

Strategy – specific teaching and strengthening the knowledge of Gospel. Encourage parishes to start APMM in which the vicar has to be informed. Build up personal relationship and prayer links ad materials and resources for quiet time and prayer.

Plan – to provide resources

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The groups were made up of members from Tadika St. Faith, St. Matthew Sg. Maong, St. Paul Benuk and St. Matthew Benuk, St Basil Batu Kawa, St. Thomas’ Cathedral, St. John Taee, ADYC Region 6, Diocesan Woman Fellowship and APMM.

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By 3.30pm, organizing chairman Bro. Philip closed the session and benediction was led by Archdeacon LSA Rev’d Jose Jol.