- Prayer sessions 2019

Prayer session on 4.1.2019






Prayer session for the churches and nation on 18.1.2019 with visitors from West Malaysia.

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Prayer session on 22.2.2019 with Rev’d Stephen Gendang on Earth breaking ceremony for the new House of Epiphany, Diocesan Prayer Conference 13-15 June and Mini Clergy School

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Prayer Session on 1.3.2019 with Sis. Chrisanne from 24-7 Prayer Malaysia, sharing on Habakkuk 3 – We need to be revived, when God brings revival, He will bring mercy. We prayed that we will not just be awakened (sleeping), but be truly REVIVED (death), come alive! The Church reflects the condition of the nation.- are we a holy church – is this a holy nation? The prayers of a righteous man avails much. The Church must come to repentance, and ask God for His mercy.

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Prayer session on 22.3.2019 with Rev’d Lawrence WahOnn

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Prayer session on 12.4.2019 with Rev’d Ivor






Prayer session on 3rd May 2019 with St. Basil Church led by Archdeacon Rev’d Jose Jol of LSA

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Prayer Session on 10th May 2019 with St. Helen’s Church, Serian, led by Rev’d Trevor Tinda

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Prayer session on 24th May 2019 with St. Francis’ Church,  Samarahan led by Canon Dennis Gimang

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Prayer session on 21.6.2019 with St. Paul’s Church, Bunuk .

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1.Pray the Lord will be lifted up, the Light will shine forth causing spiritual break through.

2. Pray many Parishes will move forward to have a prayer emphasis for their congregation by having prayer times, pray together and teaching on prayer. This is to enable and encourage each Parishioners to grow spiritually by drawing near to The Lord and discover once hidden spiritual treasures in Christ for themselves. We believe Almighty God will do great things according to his mighty promises during  APC, that God’s spirit will move our hearts and life, but the Church should not stop there.

3. Pray this Prayer Movement to mobilise Parishes to grow and bear fruit in every Parish. It will happen when the Lord raises up more and more Parishioners to help the priests and together be the Pillar of prayer in their Church.

4. May the Lord continue to be sovereign and rule over our lives, our Church and over land and may His Kingdom Come. To God be the Glory.

Prayer session on 28.6.2019 with All Saints’   Church, Tabuan Dayak.

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Rev’d Kevin Suur led the session on Romans 12:1-5. God leads us through our daily life. Galatians 4:6 – our identity. Galatians 4:7 – inheritance of God’s Kingdom.

1. Pray for the theme “Diempu Yesus” of ‘Gempuru Besai’ – ‘Belong to Christ’.

2. Pray for Archdeacon Jose Jol and his organising committee from St. Basil’s Parish Batu Kawa

3. Remove all darkness and power of demons at ACS. Pray nothing can distract the participants from focusing their hearts, minds and souls to God.

4. Pray participants to be enriched by the words of God and life transformed and know their identity in life.

5. Pray for the two speakers, The Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute, Bishop of Kuching and The Rt. Rev’d Datuk Melter Jiki Tais, Bishop of Sabah. Pour His Spirit into them and they be mightily used by God as His vessel and to share the message to all.

Prayer session on 12.7.2019 with St. Margaret’s  Church,  Stampin

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Led by Rev’d Kamar Diah, priest-In-Charge of St. Margaret’s Church Stampin, the prayer partners prayed in small group to pray :

1. Pray for the church to grow physically and spiritually, congregations to grow in number and commitment  of PCC members to work and serve the Lord.

2. Pray for God’s glory to shine in the Stampin area.

3. Pray for Iban community in St. Margaret to change their mindset and pray for  God to open their hearts and minds to grow with Christ.

4. Pray for all the parishes  to move forward bringing Christ message from Philippians 3:12-14 and have follow-up efforts to church leaders and members. To understand and receive His calling to “Press Forward in Prayer” knowing we are “Diempu Yesus”.  Pray for application into daily lifestyle by clergy/leaders to have a regular quiet time with God and be Christ’s example to the flock.

5. Pray for all activities organised by Diocese Kuching.

Prayer session on 19.7.2019 with St. Matthew’s  Church,  Sg. Maong led by Rev’d Then Jit Shin

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1. Pray for all Chinese Speaking Congregations throughout Kuching Diocese. God will prosper their work, increase growth and empower CSC members to reach out.

2. Children’s Ministry workshops organised for USA St. Francis Lundu on 12 to 14 August and LSA St. Faith on 15 to 17 August.

3. Clergy wives’s Retreat  20 to 22 July. Sessions to be led by SPECs Team. 48 wives of clergy attending.

4.Diocesan Women’s Fellowship Biennial Conference in Sibu 15-18 August

5. ADYC One Voice Prayer Conference 10-13 August 2019 in Sri Aman with Theme ‘Pressing Forward and Running The Race’

Prayer session on 2.8.2019 with Diocesan ADYC  led by President, Phyllis Montegrai

DSC02228 IMG-20190803-WA0027 DSC02214 DSC02215 DSC02218 DSC02221 DSC02222 DSC022241. Pray for ADYC Prayer Conference in Sri Aman on 10-13.8.2019. Safety  for  participants during the journey, the venue, the family and good health for all. Pray for successful program and the working committee from Region 4.

2. Pray for our Bishops Danald Jute and Nelson Ugas for continued impartation of God’s wisdom, grace and strength.

3. Pray for Children’s Ministry Workshops at St. Francis Church (12-14 Aug) and St. Faith Church (15-17 Aug) and the CM teachers to be harnessed with creative skills to teach the children.

4. Pray for Diocesan Women’s Fellowship Biennial Conference in Sibu on 15-18 August

5. Pray for God’s guidance on preparations for the coming Clergy Retreat  on 5-7 Sept.

Prayer session on 30.8.2019 led by Bishop Nelson Ugas

20190830_122230 20190830_123701 DSC00900

20190830_130046 Rev’d Ivor welcomed the prayer partners to the Bishop Chapel and list the prayer points for the session.

1. Pray for the prosperity and well being of our nation Malaysia celebrating 62nd National Day, a prevalent peace and harmony among all races that the Church will actively promote goodwill in the community at the same time be light and salt for Christ Jesus through good works to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.

2. Pray for our Bishops, priests and lay members to individually to seek the Lord in prayer, coming to Him and finding Him sufficient in all things. Believing the Lord listens and will make His Plans known for the church to move forward to give them a future and a hope.

3. Pray for Annual Clergy Retreat on 5-7th September attended by 83 clergy from 43 parishes and 3 Mission District.

4. Pray for 29th Biennial Diocesan Synod on 9-12th Sept attended by 189 clergy & lay representatives.

5. Pray for smooth construction and fund raising efforts for new House of Epiphany, a 5 storey building to spearhead vital teaching, training and retraining programs for Diocesan clergy and lay leaders for our next generation of Anglicans. Fundraising dinner held on 8th Sept 2019.

6. Sarawak Miracle & Evangelistic Rally or Malam Roth Kudus Penuaian on 14-15th Sept 2019 at Jubilee Sports Ground.

Prayer session on 13.9.2019 led by Rev’d Ivor Lim

20190913_122212 20190913_124017 DSC01137 DSC011381.Thanksgiving to Almighty God for a successful Clergy Retreat and Biennial Synod, for empowering Bishop Danald with exemplary leadership in steering the spiritual direction of the Diocese centred in Christ and handling the affairs of the Diocese with wisdom and sensitivity.

2. All Synod delegates to reflect, understand and realign with new strategies to participate in ongoing developments. By this parishes can grow further into a Christ centred community.

3. Pray for good weather and participation from all churches and a spiritual breakthrough for the Sarawak Miracle & Evangelistic Rally or Malam Roh Kudus Penuaian on 14-15th Sept 2019 led by Ps. Philip Montofa.

Prayer session on 20.9.2019  with St. John’s Taee led by Rev’d Eliot

20190920_120350DSC01167 DSC01171 DSC01174 DSC01175 DSC01187 DSC01189DSC01184DSC011691. Pray  for St. John’s Church Taee led by Rev’d Eliot and PCC members and their Prayer Group

2. Pray for Diocesan staff, led by Bishop Danald and Bishop Nelson, their work in the Kuching Diocese and for Diocesan objectives

3. Pray for the Consecration Service for the new St. Francis’ Church building on 29th Sept 2019

DSC01191 DSC01192





Prayer session on 27.9.2019  with St. Philip’s Church Padawan led by Rev’d Arundi Ganjoh

20190927_120337 20190927_120515 20190927_121024 20190927_121050 20190927_122329 20190927_123425 20190927_123830 20190927_123836 20190927_125632 20190927_125648 20190927_130209

1. Pray for St. Philip’s Parish Padawan and all parishioners, the Lord will guide them in all wisdom to overcome various challenges to be a healthy parish

2. The new Archbishop of SEA Province Rt. Rev’d Melter Tais and all Diocesan Bishops Ng Boon Hin, Rennis Ponniah and Danald Jute

3. The Consecration of the new church building in St. Francis’ Samarahan on 29.9.2019

4. The construction of the new Kindergarten building in St. Columba’s Miri


Prayer session on 4.10.2019   led by Rev’d Ivor

20191004_121206 20191004_122458 20191004_124236 20191004_124243 20191004_124257 20191004_130112The Prayer Focus was on Diocesan Standing Committee 2019-2021.  Pray for God to empower the Diocesan Standing Committee to provide effective leadership in implementing the Diocesan Vision, Goals and Strategy 2020 and beyond based on Philipians 3″12-14 Pressing Forward Intentionally.




Prayer session on 18.10.2019  with St. Matthew’s Mundai led by Rev’d Philip Tauk

IMG-20191018-WA0010 IMG-20191018-WA0012 IMG-20191018-WA0013 IMG-20191018-WA0016IMG-20191018-WA0014 IMG-20191018-WA0015 IMG-20191018-WA0017






Prayer focus on St. Matthew’s Parish Mundai and the Diocesan programs




Prayer session on 25.10.2019  with St. James’s  Quop led by Archdeacon Andrew Pahah

IMG-20191025-WA00241. Prayer focus on St. James’s Parish and the Quop community

2. Paraying through spiritual objectives outlined in all archdeaconry and Diocesan programs in the coming months :

– ADYC, Children Ministry, Building up Prayer Life of members, Women’s Fellowship & Ladies Ministry and Outreach, Evangelism & Christmas programs



Prayer session on 1.11.2019  with Diocesan Children’s Ministry

20191101_120435 20191101_120711 20191101_120902 20191101_120936 20191101_122339 20191101_123051 20191101_125207 20191101_125256 20191101_125332 20191101_125346 20191101_125508 20191101_125940 IMG-20191101-WA0023 IMG-20191101-WA0025

DCM is a key ministry in our Diocese and every parish is called to be intentional to put in prayers and efforts to build up the children to grow spiritually and walk with the Lord.

Prayer points are: 1. Bishop as our spiritual leader in the Diocese

2. Priest to affirm and support the ministry

3. PCC to support in finance and affirmation

4. DCM Board members in one heart and mind and unity as they plan for programs and future developments of our Diocesan Children Ministry according to DCMB 4 objectives

5. CYCAS- in St. Luke’s Sri Aman (23-24.11.2019) & in Good Shephard Lutong (22-23.2.2020). Pray for the trainer, organisers, facilitators, participants and venue.

6. Pray for Diocesan Children Sunday on 17.11.2019.

Prayer session on 8.11.2019  with Rev’d Rodriguez for Simanggang community

20191108_120135 20191108_120305 20191108_120314 20191108_121107 20191108_122015 20191108_122941 20191108_123519 20191108_123643 20191108_124453 20191108_124458 20191108_124505 20191108_124510 20191108_125816 20191108_125951 20191108_130700

Prayer for Bandar Simanggang community as they are the representative of the Iban community in the whole of Sarawak.

Pray intentionally for the local churches under Central Archdeaconry,  namely St. Luke’s Simanggang, St. Philip’s lubok Antu, St. Michael’s Engkilili, St. Christopher’s Debak,  St. Lawrence’s Sabu, st. Augustine’s Betong,and  St. Paul’s Roban.

Pray for the new Archdeacon who will be appointed effective 12th January 2020.

Pray for many people especially the youth to answer God’s calling to the Sacred Ministry in our Diocese

Pray that all our Subdeacons and Lay Readers will be more equipped and trained through courses for effective Ministry in Chapels and longhouses and worked as a team to further God’s kingdom.

Pray that every parishioner not only knows about God but knows Him personally and has the assurance of salvation  (1John 5:11,22) and has intimacy and strong relationship with God.

Pray for the truth of God to be revealed to these people and transformation be on the Anglican Diocese and moved the Ibans spiritually.

Prayer session on 22.11.2019  for St. Paul’s Parish, Siol Kandis led by Rev’d Tommy Awi

IMG-20191123-WA0002 IMG-20191123-WA0003 IMG-20191123-WA0004 IMG-20191123-WA0005

1. Pray for a greater concern for spiritual growth by prioritizing teaching, study & application of God’s word 2 Timothy 3:16-17, profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

2. Pray for Christians to reflect on their walk with Christ and relating to Him Colossians 2:7. Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

3. Pray for meaningful observance during the Advent/Christmas season: (a) To draw near to God by seeking His highway of holiness, preparing oneself for “the coming of the Lord”  (b) United with others in the worship of Christ and fellowship with God’s people (c) Be Christ’s lampstand shining brightly to share the gospel.

4. Pray for Christmas Parade on 7.12.19, Joint Christmas Service in ACS on 21.12.19, Church Carling, Christmas & New Year Services, and Christmas gatherings

5. Pray for involvement in community help projects to obey Christ command to help the less fortunate, care for the marginalized, visit the lonely, pray for the sick and share the gospel with those needing the Saviour’s love.