- APU at St. Stephen’s Church, Simunjan on 4.8.2018

The Anglican Prayer United members led by Rev’d  Ivor Lim and Brother Stephen Gendang held its second rural APU at St. Stephen Church, Simunjan on 4th August 2018 from 2pm to 4.30pm.  The theme for the prayer was ‘Finding, Following and Trusting In Jesus Christ’. IMG-20180804-WA0004 IMG-20180804-WA0006

















A total of 40 members from St. Faith, TJAC, St. Mary’s Matang, St. Thomas’s Cathedral and St. James Quop came to join in this inter church fellowship of prayer.  Around 95 persons attended the prayer to the Lord.


Brother  Stephen Gendang , the Diocesan Secretary Designate, gave the opening speech and the Diocese directive to spread the Anglican United Prayer throughout Sarawak and Burnei Darusalem,  followed by Songs of Thanks Giving,  Praise and Worship, led by LR Chundang Jegang.




The vicar, Rev’d Sinet Nanyot welcomed and introduced the church to the visitors.  The assistant priest is Rev’d David Tak. There are 1074 families with 2694 confirmed members. The church has 59  Lay Readers / Sub Deacons and 26 PCC. The ministries include Women’s Fellowship,  Parish Youth Fellowship and Sunday School. The parishioners are unable to attend church service regularly due to the transport problem as their long houses and kampongs are very far from the church.




Rev’d Ivor Lim, the APU Coordinator of Diocese Kuching preached on the subject ‘Finding, Following and Trusting in Jesus Christ’  from Gospel reading  ‘Matthew 14:22-33’, following Jesus and trusting His Word. Rev’d  Ivor spoke in English and Bro. Stephen translated in Iban and BM. A good team work and partnership prevailed through the sermon and the message was very clear to all in the church.










After the preaching, Brother Stephen Gendang, the Diocesan Secretary Designate, gave the prayer points to be led by the Priests and Lay Leaders.

Prayer Point 1 was by Bro. Stephen , to pray for Rev’d Sinet, Rev’d David, the PCC members and the Sub Deacons and Lay Readers, that the Lord will strengthen them, deepen their ministry, increase their faith in the Lord.

Prayer Point 2 was by Rev’d Kenny , to pray for the parishioners of St. Stephen, that the Lord will bring them into more fellowship and strengthen their faith and relationship with Jesus.

Prayer Point 3 was by Rev’d Sinet , to pray for the children and young people that the Lord will build them up so they will not fall to temptation, go astray but be more knowledgeable and fervent in their faith.

Prayer Point 4 by LR Gilbert , to pray for the frequent and systematic teaching of the Word of God to strengthen all believers to know the gospel truths and to remain faithful to the Lord.

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Before every one divided themselves into small groups to pray, Offertory song was sung and members gave thanks to the Lord.

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After the prayer, the priests ministered to members who were in need of prayers.

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The session ended with benediction by   Rev’d  Sinet  and a light refreshments and fellowship with one another.

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