- APMM at St. Columba’s Church, Miri on 28.11.2018

The Anglican Prayer Movement & Mobilisation members led by Rev’d  Ivor Lim  held its 5th meeting outside Kuching  at St. Columba’s Church, Miri on 28th  November 2018 from  7.30pm.  The theme for the prayer was ‘Proclaiming Christ as Lord & King’. Participating churches were St. Columba’s Parish, St. Barnabas’ Parish, Good Shepherd Parish, St. Matthias’ Chapel and Holy Trinity Chapel. 16 members from Kuching parishes came to join in this inter church fellowship of prayer. Over 300 parishioners from the 3 churches and 2 chapels attended the prayer in unity to the Lord.

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A pre-prayer session was conducted by Rev’d Ivor before the event proceed. APMM banners were set up at entrance of the church for all to view. APMM pamphlets and prayer points were handed out to everyone.

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Praise and Worship Choir team from the St. Columba’s led the prayer and praise and worship to the Lord.

The Vicar, Rev’d Alfred Damu Bulang gave the welcoming speech to Bishop Danald, Bishop Soloman, Archdeacon Rev’d Stanley Bunseng, Rev’d Jacksion Tay, Rev’d Johnny Janggok, Rev’d Moses Likong, Rev’d Pelu Gumba, all Lay Readers, Sub Deacons, PCC members, Ministry Leaders, Committee members, Parishioners, Prayer Partners and the visitors. He stressed on the need to build a network to move forward and not be passive in and out the church

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Bishop Danald introduced the theme ‘Proclaiming Christ As Lord & King’. God send His Son as our Lord and Saviour for His glory. We believe in Christian life, in prayer life, through personal prayer and Group Prayer. The real objective in APMM is prayer in Jesus name, in thanks and Praise and all Anglicans to know how to pray. All things on earth and in heaven were created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16 – 23 “  Jesus has to be our King and Lord to be our saviour in our life.

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Rev’d Ivor Lim, the APMM Coordinator of Diocese Kuching, introduced the Kuching APMM members and shared about the objectives of APMM. APMM aims to build up a sustainable and powerful prayer culture in the Anglican Church.








After the sharing, Rev’d Ivor gave the prayer points to be led by the Priests and Lay Leaders.

Prayer Point 1 : Proclaiming Christ as Saviour was led by Rev’d Ivor Lim







Prayer Point 2 : Proclaiming Christ as Lord was by Vicar of St. Columba’s Miri, Rev’d Alfred Damu Bulang








Point 3 : Proclaiming Christ as King  was led by Archdeacon Rev’d Stanley Bunseng.








Prayer Point 4 : Gospel brings abundant riches of God’s grace was led by Rev’d Johnny Janggok.








Prayer Point 5 : Proclaiming Christ in our lives was led by Chairman of Mission and Evangelism Bro. Philip Yong .








After the prayer points, Offertory song was sung and members gave thanks to the Lord.

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Every one gathered into small groups to pray on the five prayer points given.

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After the prayer, the priests and the elders ministered to members who were in need.

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Bishop Danald led the benediction and said grace for the refreshment which St. Columba’s Church had generously prepared for the visitors and fellowship with the vicar and some of the church members after the prayer session ended. Group photos were taken for remembrance of this united prayer and fellowship.

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