Mission for missionary to Pontianak

The baptism was conducted by Revd. John Sim Kim Chai) assisted by Ps. Benyamin Baye on Wednesday, 3rd. October 2012 at 5.30 pm at the Gereja Kristian Kalimantan Barat (GKKB) Jemaat Purnama which is the extension Church of GKKB Gajah Mada. Altogether 11 were baptised (10 adults and 1 baby). The “ruko” now has 27 members (16 members have been confirmed). As mentioned before the “Ruko” is not condusive to be a Worship Centre due to lack of space for parking so we are still planning to move to a place not too far from the present place as soon as we have the financial means of purchasing a new premises of our own. Please continue to pray for the Mission in Pontianak for growth as well as for financial resources.

West Kalimantan Cluster (Pontianak Mission)

The Province of South East Asia urges the four-member Dioceses to help the Gereja Anglikan Indonesia (GAI) grow so that eventually it could become an autonomous Diocese. Presently, the Diocese of Singapore is responsible for the six Deaneries, namely, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Nepal. The Vision and Mission of the Province of South East Asia is to plant Parishes in all these six Deaneries, with the long term objective of upgrading these Deaneries to become sister Diocese in the Province of South East Asia. This is an enormous task, for which the four-member Dioceses would need all the combined resources at hand. Thus, West Kalimantan was entrusted to the Diocese of Kuching and East Kalimantan was entrusted to the Diocese of Sabah where both these Dioceses is expected to establish a foothold for Anglican mission in the respective areas. Thus, the Diocesan Mission Board of the Diocese of Kuching under the Chairmanship of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Bolly Lapok was task to carry out this missionThe first exploratory trip to Pontianak and Singkawan was conducted on 6th.-10th. October 2003. The team members were Rev. George Tay, Mr. Ong Boon Cheang and Mr. Goh Chong Beng from the Diocese of Singapore, Mr. Philip Lo from the Diocese of Sabah and Rev. Nelson Ugas, Rev. Jose Jol Endu, Mr. Musa Giri, Mr. James Chabu, Mr. Alfred Mason, Mr. Frederick Rengga, Mr. Stephen Ong and Miss. Florence Jee from the Diocese of Kuching.After the first exploratory trip, numerous consultations and outreach visits were carried out by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Bolly himself including clergy and members of the Diocese of Kuching and finally, Pontianak, the Capital of West Kalimantan was chosen as the place where our mission field should be. It has a population of about 550,000 people comprising of 30% Malay, 30% Chinese 25% Dayak and 15% of the other minority races such as Batak, Padang, Bugis, Jawa and Madura. Majority of the people in Pontianak are Muslim (72.8%), while the rest are Christians (Catholic 9.8% and Protestant 9.5%), Hindu (2.5%), Buddhist 1.9% and Traditional ethnic (3.5%).It was after my 2nd. visit to Pontianak with the Dean of Indonesia, Rev. George Tay on  9th. February 2006, he wrote to the Rt. Rev. Bishop Bolly Lapok and recommended me to be appointed to coordinate the Pontianak Mission. I was then informed officially on 25th. May 2006 during the Diocesan Mission Board meeting that the Rt. Rev. Bishop Made Katib and the Standing Committee in their 120th. Meeting has agreed to appoint me to supervise the mission work in Pontianak and to act as liaison to the tripartite enterprise of the Diocese of Kuching, Singapore and the Gereja Anglikan Indonesia Council. I was also been appointed to represent the Diocese of Kuching to the GAI Council with effect from September 2006.

During my visit to Pontianak in June 2006, I was able to check on some of the items purchased to furnished the “Ruko”. It was repaired, renovated and painted. The water, electricity and telephone were reconnected. The “Ruko” was ready for occupation but Pastor Benjamin Baye at this time was still commuting between Singkawang and Pontianak. Thus, not much mission work was carried out except meeting up with the community there. But while I was there we were able to move among the locals to get to know them, to win their trust and be accepted by them in the community. It was also confirmed with my visit there that the community around the area about 150 families residing there with a few Malay families at the end of the canal are not very keen with the idea of us using the “Ruko” as a Church due to the excessive noise from the meeting. So our earlier plan to have the Sanctuary in the ground floor has to be shelved for the time being. Thus, my suggestion to Pastor Benjamin was to hold House Group or Home cell meeting in the “Ruko” and slowly move into homes as well.

My last visit was to Pontianak on 26th. September 2006 was really thrilling and exciting as we organized a “Home Cell” meeting at the “Ruko”.  Apart from Pastor Benjamin, his wife Susanna and their 3 children, we have 2 other visitors who joined us. Mr Wieky, a young man of 18 years old who has just completed his secondary education and is now in one of the local University studying English and Susan Fam, a young lady of 18 years old who has also completed her secondary education and is now working in one of the Catholic Book shop in Pontianak. Both of them are Buddhists or Confucius as they called them in Pontianak. I shared with both of them the Salvation message and challenged them to bring their friends to the next “Home Cell” meeting at the “Ruko”. At the time of writing, I was informed by sms from Pastor Benjamin’s wife, Susanna that Susan has brought 2 of her friends to the join the “Home Cell” meeting last week at the “Ruko”. My plan is to set up as many “Home Cells” as possible within Pontianak and once we have about 50 – 100 members I will then consult the tripartite enterprise of the Diocese of Kuching, Singapore and the Gereja Anglikan Indonesia Council on securing a place or a piece of land suitable for a Church and with the consent of the community of at least 40 families who are residing there.

It is an exciting times ahead of us as we seek the Lord of the harvest “To take Pontianak for Christ” knowing that it is “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty (Zechariah 4:6b). So please continue to support the Pontianak Mission by your prayers and your giving that God’s mission and the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ be fulfilled. Thank you for your partnership in this harvest field for the Lord.

Our effort is beginning to yield concrete result. A single-storey house (Ruko) in Pontianak has been secured as the anchor point of operation where we planned to base our personnel on the 1st. Floor while the ground floor will be used as the Sanctuary or meeting place. It is situate at No. 39, Gang Suez, Jalan Tanjung Pura, Pontianak. Mr. Benjamin Baye who pastors a local Church at Singkawang was appointed as one of Gereja Anglikan Indonesia (GAI) Pastoral Staff with effect from Feb. 2006 subject to a 5-months probation with a monthly allowance plus reimbursement of the actual cost for utilities used at the “Ruko” until he is confirmed where a salary will then be worked out by the Gereja Anglikan Indonesia. The monthly allowance for Pastor Benjamin Baye plus the reimbursement of actual utilities cost is borne by the Diocese of Kuching.

But since Pastor Benjamin Baye’s 3 children at the time of his appointment were currently studying at Singkawang and they can only move to Pontianak after the School term ends in June 2006, Pastor Benjamin Baye have to commute between Pontianak and Singkawang to do his ministry. He has since moved to Pontianak with his family on 8th. July 2006 and they are now staying at the 2nd. Floor of the “Ruko”. The “Ruko” has also been repaired, renovated and furnished before Pastor Benjamin Baye and his family moved in to stay. All expenses were paid by the Diocese of Kuching.including the monthly rental.

Group photo before confirmation service Confirmation service commence Confirmation Confirmation
Holy Communion Holy Communion Group photo after the confirmation & Holy Communion Service
Group photo after the confirmation & Holy Communion Service Celebration Group photo of candidates & witnesses before baptism at Gereja Kristen Kalimantan Barat Presenting a bible to a new baptised member