Lbg1a Lbg1bLbg1In 1925, Limbang was visited by Collis after he visited Brunei. In 1933, Limbang came to be visited from Labuan by Chin Phu Yin and in 1934 a chapel was built at Limbang. Limbang got its first resident priest at the outset of the Japanese occupation of Brunei when Phu Yin and his family went to Limbang to seek refuge. He remained in Limbang throughout the War period returning to Brunei only after the War. However, he continued to visit Limbang from Brunei until 1955. After that Limbang came to be visited by Melling from Seria. Later when Chong En Siong moved to Brunei, Limbang came to be looked after by En Siong. In 1960 a new church at Limbang was consecrated and dedicated to St. Mark.

Limbang had no resident priest until Peter Howes was moved there in 1973, at the urging of Bishop Basil, and was tasked with establishing a parish. Among his congregation were members of the Field Force and their families, and some Chinese in the town.