McDougall’s first visit to Kuap was in 1850, when he accompanied the Rajah there. Chambers also visited in 1856 and found enthusiasm for the faith.

Koch, from Kuching, made monthly visits in 1857 to look after some 40 families who were undergoing instructions.

Kuap1aKuap1Later that year William Chalmers moved to Kuap area, and settled down at Peninjau where a mission bungalow had been built. Chalmers, the only priest fluent in Biatah, made extensive visits to Bidayuh areas especially Bumbuk and Semeba. He later produced the first Biatah dictionary. In 1859, Chalmers moved to Kuap, where he was assisted by Chung Ah Luk. A school was also started at Kuap. Chalmers also visited Sadong area and went as far away as Tebekang and Koran. Chalmers had to leave in 1861 because of failing health.

A year later William Abe was posted to Kuap. One of Abe’s many tasks was to prepare Ah Luk for ministry, and the latter was made a catechist in 1864. Mrs. Abe ran the school and by 1866 some of the boys were sent to Kuching to further their studies. The musical life of Kuap, where part singing is the village tradition began with Abe. The church in Kuap was consecrated on 7 December, 1865. Abe was assisted by Catechist Si Mirum at Sentah, the latter acting also as a school master. From Sentah, Si Mirum also ministered to the villages of Sikog and Setang. Abe died in 1865. Si Mirum moved to Kuap in 1878. Catechist Si Ninyang was looking after Sikog while Sindom looked after Sentah.


In 1874, Shepherd was sent to work in the Bidayuh Mission, and after settling down in Kuap for a year, he moved on to the Bukar area. In his work among the Bukar Bidayuh, he was assisted by Catechist Si Kidiang. Shepherd died in 1881. In 1882, Fowler came to stay in Kuap where he was assisted by Ah Luk. Fowler tried to evangelise the Bidayuhs at Stang, Segu and Empero but without much success. John Muda was looking after the school at Sentah and in 1889, he was made a catechist to serve at Kuap. Nichols was making good progress among the Bukars. Ah Luk was priested in 1904, after 30 years in the diaconate. Nichols moved to Krian in 1905, leaving Ah Luk the only resident priest in Kuap for the next 10 years.

In 1915, Elwell moved to Kuap, but left 3 years later. Visits were made to many areas including Taee, where in 1916, Thomas Buda had established a school. Miribuh was looked after by Catechist Reuben. Si Migaat was ordained deacon in 1920 and was posted to Kuap, a welcome addition to assist the aging Ah Luk. In 1923, Ah Luk retired and Kuap was looked after from Kuching by Hollis, who visited during weekends. Catechist Siran looked after the school. In Duras, Catechist Saden (licensed in 1924) was looking after St. Alban’s Chapel. Si Migaat was put in charge of Kuap in 1928. In 1934, Hollis and Si Migaat baptised the whole village of Mambong.

In 1939, Peter Howes moved to Kuap but his stay there was cut short by the coming of the Japanese. After Howes’ arrest in early 1942 and internment at Batu Lintang P.O.W camp, Si Migaat moved back to Kuap and was assisted by Saden and Nais. Reuben moved to Duras. In November 1945 and shortly after his release, Howes was back again in Kuap and faithfully carried on where he had left abruptly few years earlier. Others serving in Kuap in the late 1950s included Leefe, Sindon and Paleng. Paleng also established chapels at Boka and Kandis in 1959, and also appointed lay readers for both places.

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