Diocese of West Malaysia

Provincial messages WM






  1. Preparation for the multiplication of the Diocese into 3 dioceses by 2020.
  2. The creation and smooth implementation of 3 Area Diocese in 2017, namely Northern Peninsula, Central & Eastern Peninsular and Southern Peninsula.
  3. The implementation of the Intentional Discipleship Training and Disciple-Making throughout the whole diocese.
  4. The development and rebuilding of the new diocesan headquarters.
  5. Continuing in Church planting and Social Concern ministry.
  6. More suitable people willingly responding to God’s calling into full time or part time ministry.
  7. For sustainability of diocesan resources against the slowing down in economic growth in this region.


  1. The 2015 Synod has approved the multiplication of one diocese into three.
  2. The Area Diocese were created in 1 January 2017 with two Suffragan Bishops.
  3. The approval of the permit to develop and rebuild the new diocesan office
  4. The Anglican Care has expanded and now having 18 members from parish social concern centers and projects
  5. The Relief Emergency and Crisis Help (R.E.A.C.H.) has officially been established to respond to emergency and relief care.
  6. The Spiritual Formation Platform was established to equip and train clergy and laity in spiritual formation with a center in Rawang.
  7. The momentum of Discipleship training has picked up among parishes.