Diocese of Singapore

Provincial messages Singapore


  1. We praise God for the continual development and growth of the Diocese, especially so in the six deanery countries as we mainstream the deaneries. Thank God for the seventeen indigenous clergy who have been raised over the years. We also praise God for the growth of membership and congregations in the mission deaneries.
  1. We praise God for the ministries in our schools and kindergartens, enabling us to share Christ and imbue godly values among the young.
  1. We thank God for His favour in allowing us to extend our medical and social services into various sectors in Singapore, especially in eldercare, psychiatric care and autism care, so that Singaporeans may be touched by God’s love.
  1. We thank God for the active participation of the various parishes in the work of the six deaneries, including the raising of parish-sent and supported missionaries. We also thank God for the recent addition of two relatively senior clergy who responded to God’s call to serve Him beyond the island of Singapore.


  1. 1. A new session of Synod will begin this year. We pray for both continuity as well as renewal of Diocesan and parish leadership, that collectively we may focus on being Formed For Robust Mission.
  2. We pray that our schools, medical and community services will not only serve the needs of the nation well, but do so in a distinctive manner flowing from our worship and faith in Christ. We pray for the parishes and congregations that are directly involved in this area of Great Commandment ministry.
  3. We ask God to stir in us the continual raising up of the next generation of Church leadership, both clergy and lay, and that we will faithfully submit ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  4. We pray for the organisation of the Missions Consultation Roundtable (MCR), from 18 to 21 October 2017. Pray for the participation of invited provinces, dioceses and Anglican missions agencies, and the outcome of this MCR, that the ministries in the Deaneries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Loas, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam would be further enhanced.