Diocese of Sabah

Provincial messages Sabah
Vision Statement – ” To build strong local churches throughout Sabah and beyond that are passionate in worship, powerful in preaching and prepared for effective mission and evangelism”.


Praise  and Thanksgiving

    1. We praise the Lord for a spirit of  unity experienced by the whole Diocese, especially during the Diocesan Synod (2016). We thank the Lord that though there are difference in opinion among the Synod delegates, there is deep honour, humility and courtesy shown to each other.
    2. We praise the Lord for the appointment of 3 Archdeacons for West Coast, Central and East Coast Archdeaconry which provides better administrative support and the necessary supervision to the churches within the Diocese.
    3. We thank the Lord for His favour when the Education Ministry granted us the necessary licences to operate an international school in our Bandar Sri Indah (BSI) Vision School., Tawau and the permits and licence to operate the Sibuga Vision School, Sandakan. This will certainly strengthen our effort to impact society through education.

Prayer And Intercession

  1. As the Diocese has adopted the theme “YEAR OF RESTORATION” for the next 2 years, we seek from the Lord for the Diocese of Sabah, FORGIVENESS, HEALING  and RESTORATION. Pray for the Diocese that we will experience fresh forgiveness, both from the lord and towards one another, healing from Jesus for all emotional wounds, and ultimately to walk towards restoration of all that the Lord intends to give us.
  2. Pray  that both the leadership and the congregations in the Diocese, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will be able to do what the Lord wants us to do:
    • To restore the power of prayer, praise and worship in the life of the Church.
    • To restore one’s intimate relationship with God.
    • To restore greater unity in the Diocese.
    • To reach out in effective mission and evangelism, to strategize church planting.
    • To raise up new generations of leaders, to recruit and train young ministers, especially among the Chinese and English speaking congregations, to be effective in pastoral ministry and mission.
    • To impact society through education, economic empowerment and social welfare.
  3. Pray that the Lord will supply all the necessary resources to accomplish all that He wants us to do.