Diocese of Kuching




  1.  For 2nd Gempuru Besai Anglika held at Lutong, Miri
  2.  For the creation of four (4) Mission Districts:
    • Stampin, Muara Tebas
    • Matang/Taman Malihah
    • Bengoh Resettlement Scheme
    • Sungai Maong
  3. For the graduation of Rev. Kebin Suur and Mr. Wilston Trin from STM.
  4. For Andrew Bonnie James and Timon Lugi made Deacon on 29th May, 2016.
  5. For the graduation of (27) Local Ordained Ministry (LOM) students from the House of the Epiphany.

Prayer Points

  1. Continue to uphold our Bishops, Clergy, lay staff and their families.
  2. For God’s wisdom and guidance as we continue to develop our Diocesan properties.
  3. For more qualified young people to respond to the call to serve in the Sacred Ministry.
  4. For God’s blessing upon the works of churches and chapel’s construction in the various parishes.
  5. For ordinands currently pursuing theological training of STM, STS and TTC.
  6. For all teachers and students in our kindergarten and schools
  7. For a smooth process of selecting a new Diocesan Bishop.
  8. For Christian Ministers in the Federal and State Cabinets.
  9. For lay leaders, lay readers and sub-deacons serving in the parishes.