Diocesan Synod 2017

The Opening Service of the Diocesan Synod took place at Evensong  17th September 2017 at 5.30pm.

The delegates and clergies took part in the procession from Parish Hall at 5.20pm and marched to the Cathedral for the Holy Communion Service.

The Celebrant and the preacher of the service was the Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute , preaching on the Gospel of St. Matthew 18:21-35.

Asst. Bishop, the Very Rev’d Aeries Sumping Jingan recited the Liturgy at the commencement of the service followed by Scripture readings by the Rev’d Stanley Bunseng before the Bishop began his sermon to the Congregation.

Registration of the delegates and reading of the Oath from the various parishes attending the Synod began before the Bishop.

Holy Communion was performed by the Asst. Bishop, the Very Rev’d Aeries Sumping and was assisted by Asst. Bishop, the Very Rev’d Solomon Cheong, the Ven.  Jamal Senada and the Ven. Chimbi Bunsi.

The sessions began on Monday, 18th September until Wednesday, 20th September 2017. Each day began with Holy Communion at 7.15am in the Cathedral and adjourned at 6.00pm.

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