Consecration Of St. Augustine Chapel Mambong on 26.5.2018

Consecration/Dedication of St. Augustine’s Chapel Mambong


The Diocese of Kuching led by  Bishop of Sarawak & Brunei Darussalam, Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute consecrated a new Anglican Chapel, St. Augustine’s Chapel, to serve the congregation in the Mambong area. The consecration was held on 26th May 2018 in conjunction with its patron day Saint Augustine. The chapel is under St Paul’s Parish Bunuk.




The consecration/dedication service started at 8.30am with a prayer by Bishop Danald before the start of the procession. The procession stopped at the main door of the chapel. Bishop knocked 3 times on the main door with his Pastoral Staff. The wardens opened the door and Rev Handi Ipoh, Vicar of St Paul’s Parish Bunuk stood inside the door to present the petition. A hymn was sung, followed by a prayer before Bishop sprinkled the entrance of the Chapel with Holy Water.

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The procession then proceeded to the Sanctuary and stopped at the Font, and Bishop gave his blessing. Bishop continued to sprinkle Holy water and blessed the Alter and signing the 5 crosses while the Hymn was sung.












When the ritual of the consecration/dedication was completed,  Bishop handed over the certificate to the Priest-In-Charge.


In closing, the Chairman of the Building Committee gave his speech.The new building can seat up to 500 members of congregation at one time. The old building was demolished in 2007 and the construction of the present building started in 2009. Though not fully completed but was ready for its maiden service for Christmas eve in 2011.



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DSC00817After the consecration ceremony, the Liturgy service began with Bishop Danald as the celebrant and the Preacher. The Bible readings were taken from Isaiah 49: 22-25 read by Lr Albin Jaya, 1 Tessalonica 2: 2b-8 read by Lr Christus Buson and Matthew 13:31-33 ready by Lr Roni Sundeb.

Bishop commented on the Chapel building being bigger than some parishes which showed that the church place God First, believe in one God, the Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and showed the Hope and Faith in Jesus Christ. After the Intercession, the congregations received the Holy Communion. Service ended at 10.30am. Bishop declared the building being consecrated and dedicated by signing the Plague.



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