Confirmation cum Holy Communion Service at All Saints Anglican Church BRS on 5.11.2017

The confirmation of 83 candidates was held on Sunday 5th November 2017 at All Saints Church BRS by the bishop of Diocese Anglican Sarawak and Brunei, The Right Rev’d Danald Jute assisted by the Archdeacon/Vicar  Rev’d Andrew S. Pahah and the Priest-In-Charge, Rev’d Joshua Jo.

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The service started at 8.15am. Opening hymn was sung, followed by opening prayer and the reading of the scriptures taken from Ephesians chapter 3 verse 14-19 and Gospel of St. John char 14 verse 15-17. Thptee preacher was Bishop The Right Rev’d Danald Jute.












After the preaching, Bishop Danald proceeded with the Decision, the Profession of Faith and the Confirmation and the Prayers.







By 8.50am, the candidates knelt before the alter and Bishop lay hands on each candidate accompanied by Priest-In-Charge, Rev’d Joshua Jo, until all the candidates had been confirmed before he gave his blessing and welcomed the new members at 9.10am.

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By 9.15am, the congregation continue with the liturgy and par-take the Holy communion and the service ended at 9.50am.
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At 10am, Bishop Danald Jute gave away the Certificates to the confirmed candidates.

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After the service, the congregation was feted with refreshments.








Plan for further expansion of the new Parish

The Bishop, the Right Rev’d  Danald Jute accompanied by the Archdeacon Andrew Pahah and Rev’d Joshua Jo also visited the site of the Priest quarter which is budgeted at RM120,000.00 and is still under construction.

Additional funding for the completion of the master plan for other facilities is required for its expansion project covering about five (5) acres of land which is now in the process of acquiring from the relevant authorities.

As this is a new resettlement scheme resulting from the Bengoh Dam project, the number of the Parish members are expected to rise significantly  as many of the residents at the present Dam site have not yet vacated fully but moving in stages to the present site.

The All Saints Church BRS is sited in a scenic location with a background of beautiful mountain ranges.

Praise be to God for this new church to bring the good news to the people of this new settlement and the surrounding villages.

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