A prayer session with the theme “Thy Kingdom Come” was held at St. Thomas’s Cathedral Parish Centre , McDougall Hall, 3rd Floor on the 23rd March 2018 Friday at 7.30pm.

Organised by the Diocese Kuching and assisted by St. Thomas’s Cathedral Kuching, over a hundred faithful believes from various Anglican Parishes around Kuching turned up to listen to the message  ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, shared by the  speaker, The Right Rev’d Bishop Danald Jute.

It is a time of deeper intimacy and quiet communion with God;  a time of unity with fellow believes in the presence of the Lord, a time to care for others and those around us; and a time to pray for our country, leaders and people.

The session started with an opening prayer led by Rev’d Doyle Owen LaCasse followed by the Praise and Worship team.

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The Dean of St. Thomas’s Cathedral, the Very Rev’d Kho Thong Meng welcomed all those attending the prayer session and thanked them to share the experience to be united as a group from various Anglican Parishes in our prayer.

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Before the Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute spoke on the theme “Thy Kingdom Come”, he began with a prayer for the Holy Spirit to reveal what is the meaning of “Thy Kingdom Come” according to the Gospel of St. Matthew Ch.6 Vs.9-10. In his message, he touched on the history of the Anglican over a century in Sarawak but the people did not enjoy the benefits of the many natural resources they possessed.  So this prayer session held throughout Sarawak  will impact the coming of the Kingdom of God to the life of the people and is very important for a spiritual transformation.

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A hymn “ Stand in the Gap” was sung before Deacon Ivor Lim outlined the four Prayer points:-

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Prayer 1: Kingdom within us as Lord and King (Luke 17:21)

  • Pray for God’s Kingdom to start and grow within us
  • Pray Jesus cross (Love) and resurrection (Power) will empower us
  • Pray this inner light will never be put out.

Prayer 2: Kingdom rule transforms individual believers and realigns church for Kingdom purposes (Matthew 6:33)

  • Pray for a spiritual breakthrough in each parish, Jesus be King & the Holy Spirit to have freedom to transform many lives
  • Pray each church have programs attracting & encouraging members to realign their lives in pursuit of Christ the King

Prayer 3: Kingdom of God to be established in this land to penetrate every tribe and community (Revelation 14:6-7)

  • Pray God’s Kingdom to reach all peoples in our nation through a mighty revival bringing thousands of souls into God’s Kingdom
  • Pray for more committed believers, labourers, intentional programs & new churches to prepare for the coming harvest

Prayer 4: Putting Kingdom first will empower the Church to fulfil Matthew 28:18-20

  • Pray for the making of disciples to empower the laity for various ministries including missions to reach out to lost sheep

Prayer for each prayer point was recited by the Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute, Ven. Nelson Ugas, the Dean, the Very Rev’d Kho Thong Meng and Rev’d Leslie Keyu.



























































































Offertory Hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” was sung during the offering.

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Members divided themselves into group of four to eight and prayed on the prayer points.

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The Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d Danald Jute recited the benediction and a Hymn “Spirit Touch the Church” was sung.

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At the closing of the session, Grace was recited by Rev’d Kebin Suur and light refreshments were served with the parishioners fellowship with one other.

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