Commissioning of Diocesan Children Ministry Board on 6.1.2019

“Our children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today”. These are words repeated often by Bp. Danald in his sermons whenever he talks about children. His vision, passion and desires are to see children and young people in our Diocese being acknowledged, affirmed, equipped, encouraged and uplifted in their spiritual lives because they are an important part of the Church as a whole.

Thus, after the Standing Committee Meeting in November 2018, the Diocesan Children Ministry Board (DCMB) was formed.Its four main objectives are:

  1. To train and provide resources to mobilise teams to facilitate Children Ministry development in the diocese
  2. Affirming Children Ministry in the life of the Church
  3. Raising children of today by empowering and influencing their lives with the Gospel and the Spirit of God
  4. Establishing networking among Parishes and Chapels.

6thJanuary 2019 marks a historical moment for our Diocese when our diocesan bishop, The Rt. Revd. Danald Jute commissioned the newly formed Diocesan Children Ministry Board at St. Thomas’s Cathedral during the 8.15am English Service.

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The Board is being led by Revd Canon Andrew Shie and supported by the newly licensed Diocesan Missioner, Mdm. Ronit Ruth Mason as Secretary, comprises of the following nominated representatives:

  • Northern Archdeaconry: Mdm. Dami Menggat from Holy Trinity Church, Lambir and Ms. Evelyn Woodford from Good Shepherd Church, Lutong
  • Central Archdeaconry: Mdm. Flora Janting from St. Philip’s Lubok Antu and Mdm. Suzan Wee from St.Luke’s Sri Aman
  • Lower South Archdeaconry: Mdm. Florence Ehol from St. Faith’s Kenyalang and Ms. Mleny Nicholas from St. Francis’ Kota Samarahan
  • Upper South Archdeaconry: Mdm. Marilyn Madrod from St. James’s Quop and Mdm. Winnie Angoi from St. John’s Taee
  • Diocesan Chinese Speaking Ministry, Ms. Flora Ng from St. Thomas’s Cathedral CSC and Ms. Angel Thai from St. Mathew’s Sg. Maong
  • St Thomas’s Cathedral: Ms. Natalie Kong

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So let us continue to uphold DCMB in our prayers so that they can work together in unity and in strength to uplift the work of ministry to the children through the Power of the Holy Spirit.


To God be the Glory!