1st Anglican Senior Citizen Conference


[Updated] The  first  Anglican  Senior  Citizen  Conference  was  organized  by the  Miri  Anglican  Senior  Citizens  Ministry  (MASCM).  Bishop  Solomon Cheong  (Advisor)  and  the  Chaplain  of  MASCM  has  emphasized  that  the  proposed  Senior  Citizens  Ministry  is  not  an  organization  but  a  Ministry that  one  can  belong  and  to  serve  in  it  and  also  to  minister  to  others.

The  Conference  was  held  in  Miri  from  12th  to  15th  April, 2018 and  coincided  with  the  celebration  of  MASCM’S  8TH  anniversary.  It  was  attended  by  delegates  from  KASF,  MASCM,  the  Miri  Chinese  Speaking  Congregation,  Evergreen  from  Bandar  Seri  Begawan,  parishes  of  Lutong,  Sri  Aman, Betong,  Lundu  (some  led  by  their  Vicars),   Golden  Circle  from  West  Malaysia. KASF  (Kuching  Anglican  Senior  Fellowship)  had  19  delegates  attending   the  Conference.



On the first day, the delegates were invited to a welcoming dinner with performances such as Welcoming dance by the Anglican Youth Council, Derek and the Band, Dance by St. Columba Women Fellowship and also sharing  by KASF from Kuching comprising of members from St. Thomas’ Cathedral, St. Faith, St. Basil, St. Paul and Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church , CSC of St. Columba Miri, Evergreen of St. Andrew, Bandar Sri Begawan, Golden Circle from West Malaysia and MASCM of St. Columba Miri.

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On the second day, Bishop  Danald  Jute and  Bishop  Datuk Bolly Lapok  attended  the  Conference  and  shared  their  thoughts.  The  theme  chosen  for  the  Conference  was  “Treasure  in  Jars  of  Clay  (2  Corinthians  4:7).”  In  his  keynote  address,  Bishop  Danald  said  we  are  only  the jar of clay, we are dependent  on  God to fill us with Holy Spirit and His Word and  the  power  belongs  to  Him.  He  stressed  on  the  importance  of  relationship  and  the  areas  of  focus.

Delegates  were  divided  into  groups  to  provide  answers  to  questions  pertaining  to  the  seniors  in  their  parish,  their  needs  and  to  suggest  ways  to  minister  to  them.  The  feedback  would  provide  a  basis  for  the  Diocese  to  consider  how  best  to  serve  the  needs  of  the  seniors.

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After lunch, the delegates participated in the Team Building program followed by sharing from The Golden Circle of West Malaysia.  Group reports were presented by the various group facilitators and finally the Conference was wrapped up and ended at 5.00pm.

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On the third day, delegates were treated to health screening organized by the Chinese Speaking Congregation of  St. Columba’s Church . Later a Miri City tour was arranged and we  visited the Marina Bay and commercial Centre on reclaimed claim from the sea and  then St. Barnabas Church , Taman Tunku and had lunch at Good Shepherd Church, Lutong.

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The delegates were brought to visit the St. Columba’s Kindergarten which is the first St. Columba’s Church , consecrated on 18th March 1923 by Bishop F.S. Hollis, followed by the  visited to the St. Columba Secondary School before attending the Confirmation Service at St. Columba’s church.

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After the service, a Thanksgiving dinner was served at St. Columba’s Courtyard for the newly confirmed candidates and to celebrate Miri Anglican Senior Citizen Ministry (MASCM) 8th Anniversary.  Many performances were presented by the various Ministries.

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On the last day which was a Sunday, the delegates attended the morning service at St. Columba’s Church and had brunch at the Courtyard and departed from Miri bringing back their fond memories of the good fellowship with the various parishes and the history of the Anglican Church in Miri. We look forward to new developments to the Ministry to Senior Citizens of the Church and to the community at large in all the parishes of the Diocese.

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